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Frequently Asked Questions
How is my quote determined?

Your quote is determined by the current pricing on the secondary market. The condition of your watch, any documentation and accessories are all factors to be considered when determining the price.

What if my watch is worth more than the watch I'm purchasing?

If your watch is worth more than the watch you’re purchasing, we will pay you the difference. If your watch is worth less than the watch you’re purchasing, you will pay the difference, which will be subject to sales tax, depending on your location.

Can I trade in multiple watches?

Yes, our team will evaluate all of the watches you'd like to trade in. These watches could be applied to the purchase of one watch or multiple watches.

When will I receive the watch I purchased?

You will ship us your watch(es) and we will put the watch you're purchasing on hold. Our team will inspect and authenticate your watch(es) and any remaining balance owed will be due. Once payment is completed, we will ship your new watch(es) overnight via FedEx.

Do you accept international submissions?

Though we have a network of global watch dealers, we only accept client submissions within the United States. We hope to expand and accept international requests soon. If you have a trusted friend or family member within the United States, we can work with them to process your submission.

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