Grand Caliber

We are excited to announce the launch of our new company, Grand Caliber! As we move forward, we want to provide consistent content focused on horology and our passion for watches. If you choose to engage in our content, you will see many familiar faces. Marco will be sharing his extensive watch knowledge with our audience each week on YouTube, while Victor and Alfred will be leading our respective sales and buying teams. Trent and Sutton help support the logistics of our business, while Jimmy directs the company for long-term growth.

For our first official YouTube video, we take a trip down memory lane with Marco. He takes a moment to tell the story of his first Rolex purchase, a Datejust 16030. Later, we visit our dear friends at WOLVYN Luxury Timepieces to discuss the 2022 Rolex releases. As always, please be sure to like and subscribe to the YouTube channel, we truly appreciate the support.

Best regards,
Ty Hirtzel

- Patoga Constanin

Watch expos are cool. Tech conferences are better. You want to meet a thousand insecure millionaires who only know how to feel like their hot shit by spending $100k in a night? Get a booth at GDC. These guys learned they only get laid when they prove their worth by showing their net worth. There’s a reason why Mclaren always makes a show of their VR tech. When a ceo comes around the corner they already know they have an easy target because with a little pushing that man wants to flex on everyone. The best part is the people who aren’t millionaires still make $175k a year and they want to feel just as important, so all those $10k Rolex’s will be sold out the first day. As someone who has been at three companies with 9-10 figure exists, it’s absolutely insane that this isn’t already happening. The best part; you close the whales you keep them forever.

- Rodrigo Carvalho

Hello, This message is for Jimmy,
I am a watch collector, follower of several watch youtube channels (including Time piece gentleman since the beginning) and one of my preferred is the new grand caliber. Just want to say, IMO, that you have a great attitude towards watches and collecting watches, I really love the way you are moving the channel. You deserve all the success, and I’m sure I’ll be doing some business with you guys at some point. I’m European, from Portugal, and I hate showing off, watches are for my enjoyment, not for showing as I think you agree. I will not condem all the flex in USA, but sometimes is a little too much. I loved the episode that you told that, the way you don’t show with clothes and other stuff. People can enjoy good things but is unnecessary to flex. In Europe we tend not to flex.
Now I need to ask you something for ask anything. Do you see the opportunity to grow your market to Europe? Probably you’ve been asked this question a lot.
best regards

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