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Even among us watch fanatics there is a conversation about the lack of innovation within Rolex's designs. One watch that stands athwart that trend of stagnation in innovation is the Rolex Sky-Dweller. This watch feels like the traditional Rolex design featuring a fluted bezel and oyster bracelet on its surfaces. The Sky-Dweller is the most unconventional and most complicated watch in the Rolex collection.



This week at Grand Caliber, we received the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller in 18ct everose gold and slate dial. It is a stunning timepiece that stands out in our current collection. This distinctive watch is characterized by its second-time zone display on an off-center disc on the dial. Its innovative system for setting the functions, using the rotatable Ring Command bezel, is unique to Rolex. Producing this watch led to the creation of fourteen additional patents that helped finalize the Rolex design.


This watch features a fixed inverted red triangle on the dial that points to the chosen reference time – the time at home or the traveler's usual workplace – on the off-center 24-hour disc. This 24-hour display clearly distinguishes daytime hours from night-time hours in the other time zone.


The watch also features the signature Rolex fluted bezel. Originally, the fluting of the oyster bezel had a functional purpose: it served to screw the bezel onto the case helping to ensure it would remain waterproof. This was also identical to the fluting on the case back, which was also screwed onto the case for waterproofing using specific Rolex tools. Over time, the fluting became an aesthetic element, a genuine Rolex signature feature. This bezel is particularly special as turning the command ring feels as if you are opening a bank vault.


When it comes to wearability, the watch looks like a Datejust at first glance but truly wears more like a sports model. It is rather large with a 42mm case, so I recommend this piece for people with a 6.5-inch wrist or larger. Lastly, the 9001 movements were produced exclusively for the Sky-Dweller in 2012. The movement is built from their 3135 bases featuring 40 jewels, 72-hour power reserve, and accuracy within 2 seconds per day.


Overall, seeing this watch firsthand will greatly your appreciation for the Sky-Dweller and we encourage you to contact a Grand Caliber sales representative if you have any questions.


Best regards,
Ty Hirtzel

- Merro

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Yhe sky dweller is the one example of a Rolex professional series that I have not owned and have no desire to do so. Tale any other Rolex professional or Datejust as far as versatility. They are equally at home rigging naits on an offshore boat on Saturday then matching your business casual sports ljacket at the sales meeting on Monday AM. I just personally can not make the sky dweller work for both applications. To me its just wonky and strange with its odd functions and subdial. but thats just my opinion. To each his own

- Eric

My favorite Sky-Dweller!!

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