Domino's Pizza Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Since the late 70’s Domino’s Pizza has collaborated with Rolex to create custom pieces to gift their franchise managers who met certain financial benchmarks. Originally, the Rolex Air King was the watch of choice up until the 2010 era. Then, a switch was made to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Not only was the watch model changed but so was the placement of Domino’s logo. In the 70’s, initially, the logo was featured on the dial as well as the company name “Domino’s Pizza”, around the 2000’s it made its way to the bracelet. However, in 2012, the company once known as “Domino’s Pizza” dropped the pizza and went by Domino’s, from then on out we would only see the logo on the bracelet and caseback.

The 2021 model is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual which features a white gold Domino’s logo on the bracelet, a 5mm lift lock system free easy link adjustment, to add or remove one link without the use of tools. This link function is not a feature previously included on the Oyster Perpetual. A seventy-hour power reserve, a domed bezel and flat, thin profile that can slide easily under a dress cuff. The caseback in this watch finds commonality in the Datejust and Day-Dates creating a more sophisticated look.

This watch is discrete, it’s not evident when worn that it is in fact a Rolex/Domino’s collaboration. A rare and more curious tradition in Rolex history, you’ll find more Paul Newman’s circulating around than the current generation Domino’s Pizza Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

- Daniel Strickland

That is a dam interesting fact i never woulda guessed Dominos and Rolex collabing like that!Cool though.Are those pieces worth much ?I mean given the owners for watever reason were to flip it ,how much more does the Domino logo make the value surpass the watch alones price?!

- Kevin cavanagh

I have been watching your journey for a long time now and want to congratulate you all on the journey you have been on and continue to go on, I’m very excited to see how big grand caliber will get, I am from the uk and love watching your story’s weekly, I have been saving since I first watched your episodes as I had an instant attraction to watched from the money but being a single dad it’s very hard, do you offer options where I can put down a deposit on a watch and pay it off monthly and once the watch is paid off you can send a watch ?, I would love to own a nice watch and would only ever consider buying such an item from you. I am only looking for a cheap Rolex $6000-$8000 I could never afford anything more then that , hopefully you can make my dream of a premium watch come true , stay safe and hope to hear from you soon

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