Rolex Sea-Dweller

The Sea-Dweller is the ultimate manifestation of Rolex’s leadership in deep-sea exploration. In the early days of deep saturation, divers would face pressure resistance issues within the watch face through the gaskets. Helium molecules so tiny would enter causing the pressure outside the watch to equalize the pressure inside the watch. However, during the diver’s decompression phase, which is done slowly, the gas wasn’t able to escape from the waterproof case sufficiently or quickly enough. Rolex addressed this issue by inventing the one-way gas escape valve. This valve allows the gas to slowly be released as the diver is decompressing all while preserving the waterproof Oyster case.

Some of the highlights of the Sea-Dweller are a titanium caseback, a feature you won’t find on any other Rolex watch. The 116660 model is a thick and robust timepiece featured on an oyster bracelet, contains a lift-lock function, a glide lock system that enables an adjustment of the bracelet as it’s actively being worn. This feature was important because it enables divers to change the size of the bracelet as they are underwater without dropping the watch in a 1000-foot-deep marine environment. The Crystal is 5.9 mm thick, extraordinarily thick, leading into a flushed date and forgoing a cyclops eye as customary in other Rolex models. The thick crystal makes this model harder to break under the sea or for those who won’t use this piece for diving, on land. This watch features a black ceramic, 120-click diving bezel, a lacquered black face dial, hands, and embassies in white gold with chromalight lume for the prevention of oxidation.

This watch has a lot of functionality, is versatile in wear, and is a great statement piece.

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